Pro Tips: Restoring Jetter Pressure

Posted by MyTana on Sep 5, 2017 6:18:14 PM

High-pressure jetters are ideal for cleaning drain lines of soft obstructions like sediment and grease, and for general flushing. With regular care and maintenance, MyTana jetters deliver superior, reliable performance, helping professional sewer- and drain-cleaning contractors get the job done quickly. Here we discuss simple maintenance procedures that can quickly and inexpensively solve some of the pressure issues that can afflict any jetter from time to time.

  • Low pressure
  • Loss of pressure
  • Pressure spikes

Pressure issues can be caused by a few different things, most of which are simple fixes. Just a few minutes testing your jetter can save you from equipment downtime and lost revenue.To test your jetter for problems, follow the steps below:

  1. Clear the nozzle. The holes in a nozzle are very small and it doesn't take much to clog them. (Note: Never use Teflon tape on your jetter hose, as it can disintegrate and clog your nozzle.) Once clogged, spray pressure and volume will suffer. To clean a nozzle, first power down your system and clear all pressure from the line. Then unthread the nozzle and ream out its orifices using the cleaning tool supplied with your MyTana jetter. Once the orifice is clear, securely reattach the nozzle and power up the system. (Note: Hand-tighten only. Do not use vise grips or channel locks to tighten.)
  2. Test the water supply. Jetters require a certain flow rate for supply water in order to function properly. Check your owner's manual to find the exact gallons-per-minute (gpm) required for your jetter model. To test the water supply, perform a bucket test. Using the water source (generally a spigot or garden hose), fill a 5-gallon bucket for 1 minute. If the number of gallons in the bucket after 1 minute falls short of the required gpm rating, then your jetter is not receiving enough water, which will adversely affect its spray pressure.
  3. Test the water supply through the jetter. If your nozzle is clear and the jetter is receiving sufficient supply flow, then test the flow through the jetter hose. Perform the bucket test again using the jetter hose without a nozzle attached. If the jetter is still producing the appropriate gpm, then contact MyTana for additional support.
  4. Check for leaks. Leaks from the manifold can cause pressure problems with jetters. Visually check that no part of it is leaking, which could indicate a cracked ceramic plunger.

If none of the tests solve your jetter pressure problems, contact the MyTana service department for expert support from our team of trained technicians.



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