How to Change a Reel

Posted by MyTana on Feb 12, 2019 8:22:00 AM

Drain lines come in a variety of sizes, so many plumbers and drain cleaners find themselves changing reels midday or even mid-job. While some manufacturers attach reels with brackets and screws, MyTana cable machines all come with quick-change drive springs. Following the steps below, you can change your reel without any tools in under two minutes.

  1. Detach any blades, end tools or leader cables and push the cable back into the reel.

  2. Release the revolving arm. Models M81, M844 and M98 feature a J-lock spring arm, while the M888 uses our standard revolving arm.

  3. Unhook the drive spring from the cleat at the rear of the reel.

  4. Slide the reel off the drive shaft and replace it with your new reel.

  5. Reattach the drive spring to the cleat.

  6. Feed the cable end into the revolving arm until a few inches protrude, and reinstall it.

  7. Reattach your blade, end tool or leader.

With these simple steps, you can swap your cable and move forward with the job. To see the quick-change reel in action, check out our video of a cable-swap on the M81 above.

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