Combining Tradition with Technology

Posted by Katie Breeden on May 16, 2018 1:48:27 PM

Rocket Rooter Plumbing MyTana customer spotlight Tyler Pettinger 180517“Innovative” isn’t a word often used to describe the plumbing industry. It’s rooted in tradition: a generational profession with fathers teaching their sons everything they know before handing down the business. Doug Belcher, co-owner of Rocket Rooter Plumbing, came to the industry through this familiar route. His father started the Montgomery County, MD-based full-service plumbing company in 1968. Once Doug learned the ropes and became a licensed master plumber, he joined his father as a co-owner and now carries on the family business. With more than thirty years of experience today, Doug both respects the tradition within the trade and integrates innovation and technology into his work.

Adapting with inspection technology

Any tools to boost efficiency and expedite results are welcome in Doug’s mind. He’s particularly appreciated advancements in recording technology: “While VCR to SD improved the quality of the deliverable, it’s nothing compared to the leap to Wi-Fi capabilities nowadays.” A longtime customer of MyTana’s plumbing and drain cleaning equipment, Doug says he is “completely satisfied by the progression of the sewer cameras and always going for the next thing” when it comes to inspection technology. He emphasizes that Rocket Rooter Plumbing aims to provide a high-quality service to clients and using efficient and reliable MyTana sewer inspection cameras helps provide that level of service. Customers love the quick turnaround time for footage and are impressed by how easy it is for Rocket Rooter Plumbing’s technicians to “record it, download it right then and there, and then email them the link.”

MyTana Doug Belcher Rocket Rooter Plumbing 180516Rocket Rooter Plumbing operates four service vans and provides same-day service every day of the week in Maryland and at a second location in Lake County, FL, so they need equipment that can keep up with them. MyTana’s powerful and durable equipment makes the work possible.

In Maryland, Rocket Rooter Plumbing exclusively uses MyTana camera inspection and locating equipment, but when the Florida branch opened a lower-cost camera system was purchased. Doug laments that the company has since paid for the difference. He has sent the system into the shop three times in the past three years, while his MyTana cameras are serviced much less frequently. He adds that when he does need assistance, MyTana’s personnel communicate well. “They keep me up-to-date and the turnaround time is fast,” and overall, they improve his experience as a customer.

Passing down valuable knowledge

As for Rocket Rooter Plumbing service, Doug’s brief stint as a plumbing inspector provided him with deep insight into how to assess and resolve plumbing issues. From this experience, he teaches his apprentices to prioritize customer service and survey situations comprehensively before providing solutions. He strongly believes these attributes are why so many of the company’s projects are referrals to work that was previously thought impossible or irreparable. Whether it’s relining a sewer, repairing kitchen drains, or inspection work, Rocket Rooter Plumbing’s brains combined with MyTana equipment are what ultimately save the day.

Images courtesy of Doug Belcher and Tyler Pittenger of Rocket Rooter Plumbing, LLC.

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