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Posted by MyTana on May 10, 2022 6:39:55 PM

At MyTana, we’re passionate about designing and building equipment that stands up to the harsh conditions of sewer environments. However, the electronic nature of inspection systems calls for special care that other drain tools don’t require. With appropriate use and regular care, your camera will serve you for years to come. In fact, technology upgrades may be the only reason you need to invest in a new system.

Here are our tips for protecting and taking care of your inspection system.

In transport

When transporting your camera to and from job sites, avoid jarring the camera head and pushrod connection. Either remove the camera head from the pushrod and cap both pushrod and head with protective caps or tuck the camera head inside the reel. MyTana cameras come with protective caps when you purchase.



At the job site

If you removed your camera head from the pushrod during transport, take care when reconnecting. Carefully align the pushrod with the head and screw on until snug, ensuring there are no skipped threads. Don’t over tighten, or use tools to tighten, and avoid getting grime on the connection components.

The number one rule for your camera on the job? Never use it to clear blockages or ram it to jump an offset. Doing so could result in a kinked or broken pushrod and a damaged camera head. Always use a poly cover, like our SnoBall or IceBall camera guides. A poly cover is essential to the functionality and protection of your camera head. Our mid-size and larger cameras include IceBalls in multiple sizes; be sure to use the size appropriate to the line you’re working on (make sure to remove the small IceBall before adding a larger one). The 2.5” and 3” IceBalls are rounded to help jump offsets you may encounter in larger lines.

Be sure to keep the camera’s frame (when you’re using it and when you’re not) out of the “spray” of cable machines and jetters. Camera control panels are usually water-resistant, but not waterproof. Keep this in mind for any electronics housing, due to the venting needed for air circulation. Keep your reel interiors as dry as possible. And never use wet or dirty gloves when operating the controls.

Never send a camera through any kind of traps. Even if a trap seems large enough, the camera could become lodged and incur damage due to the tight turns involved. The exception here is MyTana’s DrainTracker mini camera, which is designed to smoothly navigate traps in small lines.

Don't power a camera with a conventional generator. Generators produce dirty power that can ruin electronic circuitry. Make sure the battery is charged up before field work, or use an Inverter Generator. 

Lastly, consider a few simple tricks to protect your camera from the environment within pipes. Cleanouts and entrances can be sharp; cover sharp edges with a rag, our use our TigerTail guide to avoid cuts to the pushrod. If you have the option, run water to reduce pushrod friction as you guide the camera through a pipe. Make sure to not use a camera in the same line as a cable machine to protect the pushrod and camera head.

At the end of a job

When pulling the camera out of the line, wipe the pushrod down with a cleaning solution. Be sure the pushrod properly stacks in the reel to avoid kinking the pushrod. Adjust the reel rotation drag on our PGR systems as needed to do this.

Remove and clean the threads for all guides and centering devices. Missing this step can result in micro amounts of grime hardening on the threads, which is difficult to remove. Apply dielectric grease to the threads periodically or when changing sizes as an extra assurance against build up. Place one back on the camera to protect the threads and head during transport.

Once you’re back at your shop or home base, check the camera head for damage and signs of water ingress.


Regular care will help you avoid costly downtime due to repairs, and your camera will last longer and work better. Treat your camera like the important investment is, and it will support you and your work for years to come. Our team is ready to help you with any questions about your camera – give us a call today.


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